To achieve optimal outcome I take the time to understand the clients’ needs and bring to life their vision with creativity and passion. With an excellent eye and understanding of design I will hand select pieces from a variety of designers and shops. Always being prepared for last minute changes with an ample selection and my trusty styling kit.


Are you aware that most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Or that every person has pieces hanging in their closets with tags on them that haven’t seen the light of day? This is due to the abundance of purchase regret, for example, buying a piece that you don’t ‘Love’ because it is on sale.

You already have a great deal of things to worry about on a day to day basis, facing your wardrobe should not be one of them. Let me help cure your nothing-to-wear-itis!

First, we start with a conversation so that I can gain insight about your lifestyle, the image that you wish to portray and your body type. Once we have our mission and goals in mind, we then go through your entire wardrobe. Together we determine what stays and what gets the boot. During this process I make notes of key pieces that can be integrated into your current wardrobe as well as styles and colors you should have more of.

Next, I will mix and match what is left, creating new outfits as well as demonstrating how to wear certain pieces multiple ways. Here is where you will learn what styles and shapes work best for you. As well as areas to invest in and what is worth saving on. The Closet Remix session is the first step to having a wardrobe that you can count on and that works for you.


After meeting and determining your style needs, comes the fun part…Shopping! Everyone is a little different with what they need, so I have developed a few different plans.

Let me shop for you! After we go over your personal list and prioritize the pieces that you need, I will go out on the hunt. I then bring you back selected pieces that we try on together in the comfort of your own home. This also makes it much easier for me to show you how to incorporate some of you previously owned pieces with your new pieces. The best part, you don’t have to deal with returns!

Lets shop together! With our list and a game plan we will meet at a previously determined location and shop til we drop. Clients that enjoy the shopping process will learn what cuts and styles that they should look for and/or stay away from.

Discount shopping! One of my favorite types of shopping is consignment shopping, but it does take a certain type of person and the right mind set. In other words, you have to dig for your treasure! Luckily, I have the eye and patience. We would set a date for you to meet me at a consignment store where I will have a fitting room filled with goodies for you to try.

Special Event! Be it a wedding, your wedding, a date, black tie, birthday, conference, what have you…I can assist! We will have a chat via email/phone/in person and then I will put together some ideas based on your unique style and what look you want to portray. You give me feedback, we then shop together or I shop for you.

*As I said, everyone has their special needs. If none of these options appeal to you, I am more than willing to design a plan that fits your every need.